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Riceless Makis

Tuna Cucumber Wrap* 10.5

Tuna, avocado, flying fish roe, wrapped in cucumber

Salmon Cucumber Wrap* 10.5

Salmon, avocado, flying fish roe, wrapped in cucumber

Shrimp Cucumber Wrap* 10.5

Shrimp, avocado, flying fish roe, wrapped in cucumber

Crab Cucumber Wrap* 10.5

Crab, avocado, flying fish roe, wrapped in cucumber

Cucumber Veggie Wrap 8.5

Avocado, carrots, asparagus, pickled radish topped with ponzu sauce wrapped in cucumber

Maki Rolls

Cucumber Roll 5.5

Avocado Roll 5.5

Pickled Radish Roll 5.5

Asparagus Roll 5.5

Asparagus & Cucumber 5.5

Avocado & Cucumber 5.5

California Roll* 7.5

Avocado, cucumber, crab, flying fish roe

Alaskan Roll* 7.5

Avocado, cucumber, salmon

Philadelphia Roll* 7.5

Cream cheese, salmon, avocado

New York Roll* 7.5

Cream cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon topped with apple wine sauce

Miami Roll* 7.5

Avocado, cucumber, tuna

Crunch Roll 7

Shrimp tempura, tempura flakes topped with spicy mayo & teriyaki

Primo Roll* 7.5

Spicy tuna, cream cheese, deep fried in panko

Sweet Calamari Roll* 7.5

Calamari tempura, flying fish roe, cream cheese, spicy mayo, teriyaki

Spicy Tuna Roll* 7.5

Chopped tuna, scallions & spicy sauce

Spicy Yellowtail Roll* 7.5

Flying fish roe, scallions, spicy sauce & yellowtail

Spicy Salmon Roll* 7.5

Flying fish roe, scallions, spicy sauce & salmon

Spicy Scallop Roll* 8

Flying fish roe, scallions, spicy sauce & scallops

Spicy Shrimp Roll* 8

Flying fish roe, scallions, spicy sauce, shrimp & avocado

Spicy California Roll* 8

Flying fish roe, avocado, cucumber, spicy sauce & crab

Tuna Roll* 7

Salmon Roll* 7

Eel Avocado Roll 7

Crab Tempura Roll 7

Eddie Vedger Roll 8

Avocado, cucumber, asparagus, carrots, topped with almonds & blood orange vinaigrette

Ebicado 8

Deep fried avocado topped with sweet chili ebi

Kani West 8

Spicy crab salad roll deep fried & topped with teriyaki

Dilly Dilly* 8

Spicy tuna & fried pickle

Dilly Dilly Bacon* 8.5

Spicy tuna, fried pickle & bacon topped with house made teriyaki

Everything Bagel Roll 8

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, rolled in everything bagel topping

Green Eye* 8

Escarole, avocado & cucumber

Spicy Crab Roll 7.5

Flying fish roe, scallion and spicy sauce

Specialty Maki Rolls

Rainbow Roll* 14

Avocado, cucumber, crab, flying fish roe, topped with tuna, salmon & yellowtail

Dragon Roll 13

Avocado, cucumber, shrimp tempura, topped with eel, teriyaki & sesame seeds

Bulgogi Roll 13

Crab tempura, pickled radish, topped with Korean style beef, spicy mayo & sesame seeds

Caterpillar Roll 13

Cucumber, eel, crab tempura topped with avocado, spicy mayo, teriyaki & sesame seeds

Lobster Roll 18

Lobster tempura, avocado topped with lobster rangoon & teriyaki

Tuna Time Roll* 13

Spicy tuna, avocado, topped with tuna tataki, ponzu, teriyaki & scallion

Diablo Roll 13

Avocado, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, rolled in flaming cheese puffs topped with jalapeños & sriracha

Johnny Mango Roll 13

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado topped with mango, teriyaki & crushed almonds

Unago Roll 12

Eel, cream cheese, avocado topped with mango & crushed almonds

Loco Roll 14

Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, asparagus topped with bulgogi, spicy mayo & teriyaki

Cat 5 Roll* 14

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese & cucumber topped with scallop salad, teriyaki & flying fish roe

Yagi Roll* 13.5

Shrimp tempura, bulgogi, cream cheese topped with tuna, avocado, spicy mayo & teriyaki

Angry Apple Roll* 14.5

Crab, tuna, avocado, asparagus, cream cheese topped with smoked salmon & apple wine sauce

Inlet Roll* 14

Shrimp tempura, crab salad, avocado, cucumber topped with wasabi roe & teriyaki

Lava Roll* 14

Crab, avocado, cucumber topped with escolar, tuna, lava sauce, flying fish roe, scallions & sesame seeds

King Roll* 13

Spicy salmon topped with fresh salmon & black caviar

Grande Crunch Roll* 14

Avocado, cucumber, spicy tuna, tempura shrimp topped with tempura flakes & teriyaki

911 Roll 13

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, bacon topped with spicy mayo, teriyaki & almonds

Lox Roll 13

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, covered in everything bagel seasoning topped with teriyaki & spicy mayo

Tommy Roll* 13

Escarole, jalapeño & cucumber topped with tuna, avocado, teriyaki & spicy mayo

All Fired Up Roll* 13

Spicy crab crunch salad topped with seared scallops, teriyaki, sriracha & flying fish roe

Soft Shell Crab Roll* 13

Soft shell crab tempura, asparagus tempura, avocado, flying fish roe topped with teriyaki

Pawley Roll* 14

Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, cucumber, avocado & flying fish roe

Surf The Earth Roll* 14

Tuna tataki & asparagus topped with beef tataki, avocado, teriyaki & ponzu

Salmon Tempura Roll* 13

Salmon tempura, avocado, cucumber & crab topped with flying fish roe & teriyaki

Shrimp Tempura Roll* 13

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber & crab topped with flying fish roe & teriyaki

The Emperor* 14.5

Spicy salmon, tempura flakes, topped with yellowtail & tuna, drizzled with teriyaki, spicy mayo & scallions

John Doe Roll* 13

Spicy tempura & crab topped with tuna, avocado, spicy mayo & teriyaki

Volcano Roll* 17

Shrimp, avocado, kani, mango, topped with shrimp, jalapeños, tuna, teriyaki, spicy mayo, sriracha & lobster bisque

Crunch Crab Salad Roll 13

Shrimp tempura, tempura flakes, topped with crab salad, drizzled with teriyaki

Seafood Tempura Roll 14

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallions, massage, deep fried, drizzled with teriyaki

The Pit Roll 14.5

Spicy tuna, tempura flakes, topped with yellowtail & salmon, teriyaki, scallions & spicy mayo drizzle

Teriyum Roll 14

Salmon, crab, massage, scallions, cooked in teriyaki drizzled with teriyaki on top

Nigiri & Sashimi

Nigiri Starter 10

5 piece chef’s choice

Sashimi Starter 16

10 piece chef’s choice

Nigiri Dinner 25

12 pieces of Nigiri, tuna roll served with soup & salad

Sashimi Dinner 35

18 pieces of sashimi served with soup & salad

Tuna Belly (Toro)* Market Price

Sea Urchin (Uni)* Market Price

Steamed Shrimp (Ebi)

Nigiri 6.5 | Sashimi 9

Flying Fish Roe (Masago)*

Nigiri 6.5 | Sashimi 9

Egg (Yamago)

Nigiri 4 | Sashimi 6.5

Tuna (Maguro)*

Nigiri 6 | Sashimi 9

Salmon (Sake)*

Nigiri 6 | Sashimi 8

Yellowtail (Hamachi)*

Nigiri 6.5 | Sashimi 8.5

Octopus (Tako)*

Nigiri 5.5 | Sashimi 8

Baby Octopus (Idaku)*

Nigiri 5 | Sashimi 7.5

Sweet Shrimp (Ama Ebi)

Nigiri 6.5 | Sashimi 9

Squid (Aki)

Nigiri 5.5 | Sashimi 8

Snow Crab

Nigiri 6.5 | Sashimi 9

Mackerel (Saba)*

Nigiri 5.5 | Sashimi 8

Surf Clam (Hokkigai)*

Nigiri 5.5 | Sashimi 8

Sea Scallop (Hotategai)*

Nigiri 6 | Sashimi 9

Broiled Eel (Unagi)

Nigiri 5.5 | Sashimi 8

Paradise Lobster

Nigiri 6.5 | Sashimi 9

Salmon Roe (Ikura)*

Nigiri 6.5 | Sashimi 9

Smoked Salmon

Nigiri 5.5 | Sashimi 8

Sweet Tofu (Inari)

Nigiri 4 | Sashimi 7

Paradise Scallops*

Nigiri 6 | Sashimi 8.5

Crab Tempura

Nigiri 4.5 | Sashimi 7


Nigiri 5.5 | Sashimi 8.5

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